Sheila M. Conner



Baptized into New Life
Watercolor and Ink


Wandering like the children of Israel, lost and looking for “home” for nearly 20 years, I finally entered what seemed to be a birthing canal for something new in 2005. Since 2006, I have been working on a series of four poems about my rebirthing process. This mandala is an illustration of that time in my life—of being “reborn” into a place that was strange and foreign to me, and finding there, my mother’s face.

Marked as child of the Holy by baptism, at age 7, I have since gone through the flood waters of another baptism that have brought me “home.” The Divine Presence has been faithful as I have followed what seemed for the most part to be a distant longing.

Today I thrive in the arms of Mother. I am home. I am one in myself, one with God, and one with Mother Church.