Dawn of the East Root of Jesse O Sapentia
O Adonai O Radix Jesse O Clavis David O Oriens ) Rex Gentium
O Emmanuel God Speaks Mandala: Jesse's Tree Aaronic Blessing O King of the Gentiles
Light Eternal O Dayspring O Wisdom O Root of Jesse O Adonai O Key of David
Emmanuel The Light Shines Forth Flame of Wisdom Jesus the Cornerstone Flame of Redemption
Ensign to All Peoples Sun of Justice Light of the World for All O Wisdom O Lord and Ruler O Root of Jesse
O Key of David O Dawn of the East King of the Gentiles O Emmanuel The Holy Trinity Mary of the Burning Bush
O Dawn of the East ICXC with Four Gospel Books Christ teaches Come Save Us
Wood cut O Oriens Choirbook Widsom