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Since September 11th....

Julia Starke

The Prodigal Son

This peice was put in my mind before the tragedy in NYC. I could not get a grasp on exactly how to execute the prodigal son parable in a collage. I prayed for direction and gave it over to God. It was not until after the attacks,when I was in kneeling in church in tears praying for the victims,that like a flash of light, the solution formed in my head. "Oh my gosh! The Prodigal Son is our nation and the world and God is the father ready to embrace us with unconditional love and acceptance. There are probably so many people who have strayed away from their relationship with God and have just been living their lives on their own terms. This jolt of terror and injustice from evil, evil cowards will bring believers and unbelievers to their knees in prayer. There are images of the tragedy all over this painting shaped like the world. Jesus is in it all and all of it is in him. The statue of liberty is in his hair. The flag is in his chest. A little boy weeping over his mother's casket is in one of his hands and George Bush is in his sleeve. This tragedy is uniting our world as people and as children in desperate need for our Father in heaven to take us back in.


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