Contemporary artists are poised to be of tremendous influence in communicating the work of the church in this century.


Visual Preludes 2006 is a series of nine exhibitions featuring the work of 123 visual artists in the Episcopal community. These works of contemporary art include painting, sculpture, photography, fabric arts, and mixed media. The artists of Visual Preludes 2006 are people of faith who use the ordinary to point to the ineffable. They respond to the joys and challenges of life creatively, and their work bears the trademark of an artist's disciplined freedom. The artists of Visual Preludes 2006 range in age from 15 to 96; as a community their heritage spans black, white, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian roots; they reside in 55 dioceses across 38 states.

This online multimedia version of Visual Preludes 2006 was mastered by Video Director Dan Hardison. For each of the nine exhibitions, Dan carefully chose music to accompany the curators' image selections, creating a series of multimedia meditations suitable for private viewing, group meditation and liturgical settings.


The intent of any work of art is to inspire, to move us, to touch us, to portray a message. This is especially true when art is used in a church.  Dan Hardison


The Visual Preludes 2006 exhibition series was created by a national team of three curators, a music consultant, a video director, and a producer, all in partnership with the Office of General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Their original purpose was to create an atmosphere for worship at the 2006 General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Columbus Ohio. The entire project received oversight from both the Office of General Convention and the ECVA Board of Directors.

This series of exhibitions is made possible through the generosity of many: through the artists' donations of their work for display; through the musicians' donations of their music for accompaniment; through the donation of aesthetic and organizational skills by curators Jan Neal, Anne Wetzel, and Brie Dodson; through the consultation for music and liturgy from Clay Morris; and through the assistance of Sandy Webb of the Office of the General Convention. The constant dedication of Dan Hardison brought Visual Preludes 2006 to their present form here.

The Holy Spirit speaks many languages;
among them the languages of art in all its forms.

Frank Tracy Griswold, 25th Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church

Mel Ahlborn
Producer, Visual Preludes 2006


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