Sommer Roman



Risen One


This photograph is a close-up capture of naturally occurring imagery created by tiny water streams flowing back to the ocean. This found imagery literally stopped me in my tracks while perusing the shore of Corona Del Mar Beach, CA.


The photograph is first, a strong indication of how our Creator’s artistic mastery is constantly at work creating life for and in us and, second, a reminder of a fundamental gospel theme: rebirth.Here we find a naturally occurring image of a risen figure in an unlikely place, in the process of being both literally made and washed by the moving water.


Furthermore, the figure stands amid what resembles a burnt, lifeless forest. These symbols of life, death, and flowing water speak powerfully about our journey towards Christ. He is everywhere all the time, waiting for us to slow down and look closely—find and know Him, die to our false selves, and ultimately find healing and renewed life.