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Kristin Anderson
Celtic Petal Cross

Gurdon Brewster
Lord of the Dance

Welcome Home

Victor Challenor
Icon Processional

Barbara Desrosiers
Mysterium Fabrication

Thomas Faulkner

"There Is No Contradiction..."


Colleen Meacham

Margaret Parker
Christ Takes Up
the Cross

Christ Is Nailed to
the Cross

Christine Parson

Lucretia Robbins
Tau Cross/Grasses

Iris Cross

Anne Wetzel
The Cross

Crosses from
El Salvador

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Mysterium Fabrication        Fabrication</i></font></b></font>

Mysterium Fabrication
Barbara Desrosiers
mixed media - polymer clay sculpted rugs mounted in the form of the cross with the addition of wire, pins, rocks, bells and acrylic paint

My work leads me to go beyond the material image and to attempt to convey the spirit of that image through the surface I create. This particular piece began with a fascination with prayer rugs. From there the concept of prayer and rugs evolved into that of the cross as the fabric of our faith, the blood stained prayer rug of our Savior, Christ.

The addition of the rocks and bells anchors it to this earth while echoing the mystery of worship. The wire acts as a bond to this earth and yet also weaves us into the fabric of the cross. It is the flesh of our spirit, sharp and cutting, but conductive of the love which comes from the Cross.

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