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Curator's Statement

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Kristin Anderson
Celtic Petal Cross

Gurdon Brewster
Lord of the Dance

Welcome Home

Victor Challenor
Icon Processional

Barbara Desrosiers
Mysterium Fabrication

Thomas Faulkner

"There Is No Contradiction..."


Colleen Meacham

Margaret Parker
Christ Takes Up
the Cross

Christ Is Nailed to
the Cross

Christine Parson

Lucretia Robbins
Tau Cross/Grasses

Iris Cross

Anne Wetzel
The Cross

Crosses from
El Salvador

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Curator's Statement

The Cross, as a central image within the Christian tradition has evolved into myriad forms. Contemporary artists have taken this original simple structure and produced an infinite variety of responses. What has emerged in recent years is a feast for the eyes. We welcome you to this banquet.

Within this presentation, you will see crosses of many shapes which were worn by the bishops at Lambeth. Also featured is a cross made by an Episcopalian in Korea drawing on local imagery, and crosses from Episcopalians in El Salvador showing the colors of tragedy and hope. There are crosses made in bronze, fabric, metal, paint, wood, and photography. There is a cross with a suspended wheelchair containing Jesus' body,the focal point of a chancel drama for Good Friday.

We have a small sample of the various crosses which artists are creating today; crosses which are coming to life in studios, homes, and churches across the world. They reveal the strong commitment of many people to a bold and full-bodied expression of faith. Today's artist is giving the church new eyes with which to see the Holy Spirit alive in the present: to see"all things made new." The ancient image of the cross is revealed in many dimensions by these gifted artists. We affirm the contribution of the visual imagination of these artists, and those everywhere, as they create a dynamic pathway for the Holy Spirit to reach us in the Cross of Christ.

The Rev. Gurdon Brewster
Artist and Chair, The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts

©2001 The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts