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Eloi, Eloi, lama Sabachthani?
by Ann Kim
Oil Stick on canvas, 1998, 50" x 70"

My paintings reflect various personal spiritual experiences through new artistic concepts and methods. I often use a mixture of traditional and modern interpretations of the Bible to symbolize its events and characters with unconventional images.

I enjoy creating simple compositions with vibrant colors and rough textures. Texture is created with materials such as wire, tile glue, paper and aluminum foil affixed to the canvas prior to painting. Paint is applied through a layering method, working from a black background up to increasingly brilliant colors.
I minimize the use of white to keep the colors pure and powerful, like the messages I
seek to convey

Ann Kim was born in Seoul, Korea. She began her artistic career as a textile designer and illustrator. In 1994, she started her ministry through national and international exhibitions as an artist emphasizing Christian visual art. Presently, she resides in New York with her family. She continues to further her art career by both teaching and creating.

Community: Palisades Church, New Jersey
Email:  annbkkim@hotmail.com


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