"... speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ."
Ephesians 4:15 (NIV)

About the Curators & Crew

Jan Neal
     Brie Dodson     Anne Wetzel     Dan Hardison     Clay Morris     Mel Ahlborn

Jan Neal, Curator

In the last several years Jan Neal has worked primarily in digital painting, collage and photography, though her background is in traditional mediums. She earned her undergraduate degree in Journalism and attended the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where she studied advertising art prior to earning her J.D.

She serves as Program Director of ECVA and has exhibited her work in numerous ECVA exhibitions and curated "Illustrating the Hours" in 2005.

Jan is a member of NAPP and produces the publicity for her home parish, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, in Opelika, Alabama, where she also serves as webmaster and on the Flower, Garden and Altar Guilds as well as ECW.

The study of gardening and plant history, Episcopal church liturgical history and symbol are her primary areas of ecclesiastical artistic interests, and she particularly enjoys portrait and graphic work.

Jan is a partner in the law firm of Davis & Neal with offices in Opelika, Montgomery, Dothan and Mobile, Alabama. Her art may be viewed at http://parkfolio.blogspot.com/, currently moving to http://digitalartadvocate.squarespace.com/.

Brie Dodson, Curator

Brie Dodson is a realist painter who seeks to evoke the “unseen eternal” in the subjects she portrays. She paints the Virginia countryside, its open skies and rural denizens: horses, farm animals, and the birds outside her studio window. She also paints about religious and spiritual subjects. Her work has been featured in Gallery & Studio, The Living Church, Art and Christianity, ManhattanArts, and other publications; has been exhibited at various venues in New York City, Washington, D.C., and several states; and resides in many private collections.

Brie was born in Texas, moved to the Washington, D.C. area during the Johnson administration, and attended the College of William and Mary. Her family includes her husband, Tom, and four sons, ranging in age from four through 24. She is a member of Trinity Episcopal Church in Upperville, Virginia. A former commercial artist, she now paints full-time. Her work may be viewed on her website, http://briedodson.com.

Brie serves as ECVA's Director of Communications. Her paintings have been featured in several ECVA exhibitions and presentations, online as well as at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, the Kanuga Conference Center, and the Museum of Biblical Art; she curated the ECVA exhibition "Spirit's Fire" in 2005.

Anne Wetzel , Curator

Anne Wetzel began her career in photography thirteen years ago after leaving her administrative position in the Graduate School of Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania. Her fascination with Photography began when Fine Arts faculty member, Becky Young, invited Anne to study with her at the University. Drawing inspiration from her love of gardening, she initially chose flowers as models, photographing them in the studio in black and white. She then moved on to landscape photography, also in black and white.

Her subsequent interest in human subjects was sparked when she attended the Holy Week services at St. James Episcopal Cathedral in Chicago, and discovered one of her true photographic interests, the worship of God in its many forms.

"I was deeply struck by the visual power of these ancient rites. I wanted to explore and capture with the camera the interplay of darkness and light; the juxtaposition of the familiar and the strange; moments of inwardness, isolation, intimacy and communion; the vulnerable human being moving in community to encounter the mystery of God." Her Holy Week project evolved into a publication co-authored with Janet B. Campbell: Through the Window of the Ordinary : Experiences of Holy Week (Church Publishing).

In June 1998 Anne joined the communications team of the Lambeth Conference of the Anglican Communion in Canterbury, England as a photographer. There, caught up with the Conference's diversity, and with the need to find a unifying symbol, she discovered the wonderful pectoral crosses worn by the Bishops. She designed a montage using these crosses, which was published in 1999. In May 2000 she spent a week at Chartres Cathedral, photographing the cathedral and especially the labyrinth which is an integral part of the cathedral's history. The following spring Anne traveled to China, photographing the ancient form of healing work known as qi gong.

Anne lives on the coast of Maine, not only photographing all of the life around her, but experimenting extensively in her darkroom. She is a member of the parish of St. Andre and St. John in Southwest Harbor, Maine.

Dan Hardison, Video Director

   "The intent of any work of art is to inspire, to
    move us, to touch us, to portray a message.
    This is especially true when art is used in a     church."

Dan Hardison wrote these words in his Curator's Statement for the ECVA exhibition Art/Community/Story. As a writer, artist and photographer living in North Carolina, Dan specializes in documentary storytelling and nature photography.

Dan's stories explore the role of visual art in parish history and heritage. Just three of many are:
-- the story of the Philip Perkins altar piece at Epiphany Mission in Sherwood Tennessee
-- the story of Ben Long's frescoes at The Parish of the Holy Communion in Glendale Springs and West Jefferson North Carolina
-- the story of Ben Long's frescoes at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Wilkesboro North Carolina

Dan is a native of Tennessee and lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he attends St. Paul's Episcopal Church. He serves as Editor of ecva.org, the website of Episcopal Church and Visual Arts, Inc. (ECVA) and the ECVA eNewsletter.

Clay Morris, Music Consultant

Clayton L. Morris is the Episcopal Church's staff officer for liturgy and music. The wisdom he offers in his latest book, Holy Hospitality (Church Publishing) is drawn from his many years of experience as a parish priest.

From the
Holy Hospitality book jacket:

What does it really mean to "proclaim the good news of God in Christ" and to "continue in the apostles' teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of the bread, and in the prayers?"

These promises from the baptismal rite of the Book of Common Prayer have become very familiar to most Episcopalians, but they have yet to be fully lived out in most congregations.

In this lively and accessible guide, Clayton Morris argues that everyone present on Sunday mornings has a ministry of hospitality, coming together in a proclamation of welcome to all.

Clay holds the Bachelor of Music degree in organ performance from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, the Master of Divinity degree from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, and Master of Arts and Ph.D. degrees in theology from the Graduate Theological Union.

He was ordained deacon in the Diocese of Oregon in June of 1971 and priest in the Diocese of California in January of 1972. Over the past three decades he has served variously as curate, rector, organist --choirmaster, and director of liturgy and music in several California congregations. He has also taught courses in church music at CDSP.

Clay serves the office of Secretary of The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts, Inc (ECVA).

Mel Ahlborn, Producer

Mel Ahlborn specializes in manuscript illumination. She is a frequent lecturer on the history and production techniques of illuminated manuscripts. Her fine art exhibitions include the Washington National Cathedral, The Getty Center, the British Library, Oxford College, and the Palace of the Legion of Honor.

Ahlborn is an elected Fellow of the Center for Arts, Religion and Education (CARE) at The Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, teaching Studio Arts courses in Manuscript Illumination and Visual Preaching.

She has interwoven arts, spirituality and religion throughout her career, serving as a consultant to museums, film companies, and academic institutions. More information is available on the web at www.illuminationstudio.org

Mrs. Ahlborn holds a double B.S. degree in Chemistry and Classics from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. She resides with her husband, Paul, and their two children, in Moraga, California.

She serves as President and CEO of The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts, Inc (ECVA).


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