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Trinity Episcopal Church
on the Green

129 Church Street, Suite 705
New Haven, CT 06510



Glendale Springs, NC
Kirkland, Washington
Linville, NC
New Haven, CT
Ojai, CA
Olney, MD
Opelika, AL
Orleans, MA
Oshkosh, WI
Provincetown, MA
Salem, OR
Sherwood, TN
Toledo, OR
Washington, DC
Wrangell, AK


Trinity Episcopal Church on the Green was founded in 1752. In honor of its two hundred and fiftieth anniversary – celebrated from Trinity Sunday, 2001, to Trinity Sunday, 2002 – the church commissioned a new window that combined a traditional stained glass style with up-to-date imagery.

The result was "Trinity’s History and Vision," designed by Val Sigstedt. This stained glass window, executed in the same techniques used a thousand years ago in the medieval cathedrals of Europe, shows in nine gothic icons the 250-year history and mission of this religious community. It images the Church as it lives among the realities of the "ordinary" world. Icons of Trinity's history and mission are set in medieval quattrefoils against an overarching imagery of ecological and divine wholeness.

The stained glass window committee met regularly for almost a year. All the members of the committee were parishioners, and included architects, artists, engineers, and laypersons, as well as the rector. The committee decided that it wanted a window that faced out to the world, rather than into the church. The logical location for such a window was in the only remaining major undecorated window in the church, which, though over the central door to the church, had long been invisible, since it faced a blank space behind the organ. That space, which was under the belltower, had just been renovated in 1999, and turned into a space for adult education and confirmation class activities. Given its siting, the only choice was to have it "shine from within", since it could not be seen from inside the church. On the other hand, having it shine out onto the New Haven Green also fit with the desire to enhance the church's outreach to the community.

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