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The St. John Window was the altar window, given in 1867, by Allen Bowie Davis in memory of his son, William Wilkins Davis.

When the church was renovated and enlarged to double the size in 1980 it was moved to the West transept.

Our church is named for St. John the Evangelist, Bishop of the Church of Ephesus. In the window he is portrayed wearing Bishop's robes. Other symbols in the window include an eagle, scroll, chalice and serpent, all symbols of St. John.

The window inscription reads:

"In Memory of William Wilkins Davis, son of Alan Bowie and Hester Davis, born 3-27-1842, fell asleep in Jesus 3-2-1866."

* William Davis (who suffered with tuberculosis)  journeyed to Minnesota where he married Cornelia Whipple, the daughter of Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple, the first Episcopal Bishop of Minnesota. The wedding of William Davis and Cornelia Whipple was conducted at the Whipple home. A physician was in attendance, as apparently William Davis was near death. Several days after the wedding, William died from "consumption" (Tuberculosis) at the age of 23.

* Updated information received August 23, 2010.

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