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Ruth Tietjan Councell
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Joel Haas
Nancy Jackson
Tony Morinelli
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Vanessa Ruig
Kathy Thaden
Anne Wetzel
Elizabeth Williamson
Constance Wilson
Brian Winter
Becky Witsell



Advent through Epiphany 2003-2004

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Becky Witsell, 1 of 3
Advent Banner

This banner expresses three aspects about Advent, our season to prepare for Christ's coming.
The coming of Christ in the flesh
as celebrated at Christmas is symbolized by the Lamb of God - John the Baptist's reference to Jesus. He carries the banner of victory over sin and death.
The coming of Christ in word and spirit
is symbolized by the parable of the wise and foolish virgins - Matthew 25. The lamps with oil are lit at the top, those without oil are unlit at the bottom.
The coming of Christ in glory
at the end of time is symbolized by the book with the seven seals - Revelation 5.


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