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  Matt Baumgardner
  Barbara Dee Baumgarten
  Sandra Bowden
  Gurdon Brewster
  Ned Bustard
  Ruth Tietjen Councell
  Ioana Datcu
  Martin Delabano
  Barbara Desrosiers
  Erin McGee Ferrell
  Gary L Gorby
  Kathy T. Hettinga
  Catherine Kapikian
  Cynthia Leidal
  The Rev. Frank Logue
  Colleen Meacham
  Mary Melikian
  Eric Reiffenstein
  Krystyna Sanderson
  Donna Shasteen
  Constance Skinner
  Hal Weiner
  Anne Wetzel
  George Wingate
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  Join us for a narrated "walk-through" of the ECVA exhibition Art and Faith: A Spiritual Journey. The video includes art of the twenty-four ECVA artists, their stories, and music by composer Athanasios Thomas Peter Aronis. It was created as RealVideo streaming media and is 28 min, 50 sec long.

The video can be viewed in high resolution with stereo sound formatted for a broardband connection or in low resolution with mono sound formatted for a phone line connection. You will need RealPlayer to watch the video.

View the exhibition video: High (broardband) | Low (phone line)
If you need the RealPlayer software to view the video, you can download it free from RealNetworks.

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