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Hal Weiner

I only shoot digital media with very rare exceptions. This photograph was taken at a Congregation Retreat of the Congregation of St. Saviour, at the Convent of St. John Baptist, Mendham, New Jersey, in the fall of 2002. There had been a windstorm the day before and I went out to shoot the labyrinth, which is near this large oak tree. A sliver of wood had been blown into the bark by the wind. I saw the cross inherent in it. The piercing of the tree's flesh is akin to the spear in the Savior's side. Please note: the sliver is pointing east, as far as my recollection of direction. I did nothing to manipulate it. The same wind that drove it in made it point slightly upwards, a portent of the Risen Christ.

Hal Weiner

email: AyeWitness4Him@aol.com



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