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Sandra Bowden

My artistic and spiritual journey has always been intertwined and the two have fed off of each other without any enormous struggle. It seems natural and I have been free to search and explore with the understanding that faith shapes my worldview and therefore should impact my artistic endeavors. Each piece has its own place within that journey.

Since I have always explored the mystery of the written word and its many manifestations through the centuries, it is only fitting that I turn to the physical book as a way to more fully express my deep admiration and appreciation for the wonder of words which carry with them the thoughts and mind of those from another time and place.

Resurrection Book

The Greek text from Luke's account of the Resurrection has been applied the top of this open book. The face of the book was underpainted in a deep boule red, covered with gold leaf and then a final application of iridescent oil crayon was applied to the surface.

The Resurrection is the critical doctrine of Christianity and offers hope to humankind. The Hope of the Resurrection brings healing and peace when loved ones are lost and offers the promise being in the Presence of Our Lord eternally. The Resurrection is the destination of our journey.

Even the Stones

Matthew quotes Jesus as saying that out of even the stones he can raise up those who will praise him. We live on an island surrounded by the ocean and harbors. Many are the times of walking the beaches with eyes cast to the sea and sand. The beautifully shaped stones that have washed along the shore are too inviting to let stay and inevitably we find ourselves filling our pockets with the smooth stones, only to be reminded of the quote from Jesus, that 'even the stones' offer praise to the God of Creation.



Resurrection Book
mixed media, 2004
5 1/4" x 11 3/4" x 1 1/2"

Even the Stones
mixed media, 2004
9 x 6 x 1 1/2"

Neither Silver nor Gold
Mixed media, 2004
5 1/4" x 11 1/2" x 1/12


Neither Silver nor Gold

The Bible links silver and gold literally dozens of times, usually alluding to the futility of their value in relations to eternal values. This artist book was a thick small book, permanently fixed in an open position to create a kind of painted sculpture. An intense red underlayment of color was applied to the book, and then half was gilded with 24-carat gold leaf, with pure silver on the other portion.

We live in a material world and materialism thrusts its ugly head at every corner and we are taken in without much thought unless we consider how the scriptures remind us that 'neither silver nor gold' will count in the end. Our treasures are spiritual and eternal.

Sandra Bowden

email: sandrabowden@comcast.net
web: www.sandrabowden.com



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