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pedulla image

Wall Object #4 (With Fire and Light)

from the "Objectification" series
Albert Pedulla

7" x 33"
flammable pigment, fuse and light

Wall Object #4 (With Fire and Light) has obvious connections to the theme of light and darkness. The piece starts out as a white-on-white diptych made directly on (and inside) the wall. The left rectangle is white pigment applied directly to the wall with a fuse protruding from the bottom left corner. The right hand rectangle is an "illumination" that is created from within the wall, but appears to float in front of the wall plane. In this state, the white pigment looks dull in contrast to the vibrant illumination. In order to complete the piece, the fuse is lit. The pigment is highly flammable and burns intensely across the picture plane. When the smoke has cleared, the dull white rectangle has been transformed by the flame into a rich, swirling black rectangle. Now the piece contrasts dark with light, the white wall scarred by the bright flame. You can see the wound, put your hand into the hole in the side (of the wall). The once white wall has been transformed into an object which gives witness to the power of light and fire.



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