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Victor Challenor and Paul Woodrum

Amy Real Coultas

St. Christopher's

Bryan Paatz

Nancy Chinn

Ardell Nelson

Sara Waterbury

Barbara Baumgarten

Jacquie Binns
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Pamela Perry

Ellen Quigley
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Carol Webb
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Alison Vogel

Mary Ann Breisch

Victor Challenor and
Paul Woodrum
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Bryan Paatz
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Judith Peacock
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Zenette Wilks
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Eliza Linley
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Festal Chasuble, front and back

Bryan Paatz 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

silk and lurex on a wool ground


St. Stephens Episcopal Church, Seattle, WA

Given the parameters of public liturgical space and liturgical function, my approach to design is abstract and personally symbolic in nature. I believe it is unnecessary to replicate on vestments those representational symbols which already appear in the sanctuary and elsewhere in the church. I prefer the viewer participate in the life of the composition and arrive at his or her own conclusions drawn from their life experiences and emotional and psychic resources.

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